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We are glad to welcome you on our website, a place where men and women from different parts of the world meet in the hope of finding their other half, disregarding national, linguistic and other borders, because ultimately it is mutual attraction and compatibility that truly mattters – especially now, in the age of communications, when distance means little and different cultures intermingle. Meeting people online, including online dating, has become a natural part of our everyday life. When it comes to romance, most people naturally start by looking for potential partners in their area or, at least, in their country. However, this is not a necessary limitation in today’s world, and many start looking beyond their country’s borders after their initial search proves fruitless, or because they have become disenchanted with their culture and want someone different in the first place. Our website was created for those people. The women you can meet here come from the former USSR, primarily from Russia and the Ukraine. Slavic women have always been famed for their beauty, as well as their feminine character and orientation toward family values. This is your chance to get to know them better and maybe even marry one! It is not something extraordinary, as you can see for yourself if you read the testimonials of some of our clients. Many of them have found their love here, and many more have visited Russia and the Ukraine and met the women they had been corresponding with, which is an interesting and valuable experience in and of itself. You could be one of those people. Join our website for free and explore it! You never know where your luck awaits you, so why not give it a try? Let our experience in the international dating business work for you. If you have questions, or problems, or some special requests, our staff will be always glad to help you. We wish you a pleasant stay on Ukraine Women Online!